Monday, June 4, 2007

My Customised Orders

I had begun selling some of my handmade rings on etsy and also at Baggage. At Baggage, I made the rings at random sizes. This customer like the ring very much but needed to resize the ring as it was a size too big for her finger. The original ring size was a US size 5.5.

Typically, I do not like to custom make rings without actually getting the right measurements, which would be to use a ring sizer. These are not cheap and I only have 1 so I did not leave it at Baggage.

However, as the owner of Baggage had collected the money from the customer and measured the her finger using a thread?(it was the gold stretchable type, the kind used for christmas decorations, so it was not a good measurement, as it expands).As a customer, I would grab the offer, afterall the original price of the ring was S$12 and it was now going for 50% discount, GSS.

Anyway, that meant 2 trips down to Bagage(which I took cab for one of it, as I was running late)Once to get the string and the ring, the second to deliver the ring.

I had to remake the ring 2x. When I followed the string guide, the size came up larger than the original, which was impossible as she wanted it smaller. I communicated with the buyer, who was also very sweet and patient, and finally used my 'jeweler sense?' and based on what she had communicated, I shrinked the size,making it a size smaller.

I was so worried that the size would not fit, but it did!And she is very happy with it...

The extra miles we sellers make to ensure customer satisfaction:)

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