Friday, April 1, 2011

New Listings in my Shop

I listed more earrings and liked the way they all fit together, so I decided a snapshop was timely. Here they are .

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Posted In Two Treasuries

I am slowly but surely updating my shop at

First, it was just to detash extra supplies, but now that I am back in Singapore, I could not resist designing and making more earrings.

I don't know how long more I can keep this up as I wait the birth of a new life soon:)

Anyway, these 2 items were featured in treasuries:) Woo Hoo!!~~~

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Move To China Hangzhou

It has been almost 3 weeks since I moved to Hangzhou. Getting used to the weather and the limited access to facebook and blogspot. Considering moving my blog to wordpress for easier access.

Anyway, internet access is finally up this week.

Our flight was into Guanzhou , stop over , then to HZH. On the second day, DH had to go to Shanghai on a buisiness trip and I followed along too. I think baby was ok , cos he did not give me too much trouble with all the walking and action on the train etc.

Anyway, this is the night scene along the Bund and that is me with my new hat which I bought near Yuyuan , where I met up with Gabrielle. I keep forgetting to take pics with her.

Also, this is one of the meals I had in Hangzhou, at the food place at INTIME departmental store. It is like CHAR SIEW (roasted bbq pork) which we have back home.
See ya soon , (hoping to fix my slow upload on flickr and maybe considering moving blog)
It took me at least 1 hour and a half just to do this...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nest in a row:)

Featured wired necklace which resembles the twists and turns of a nest in an unconventional manner:)

Thank you riskybeads !

Monday, May 24, 2010

Featured in a Treasury:)

Firstly, my sincere apologies that the blog has not been updated for a long while. With work and a new addition of a pet in the house, things have been really busy:) Plus, health was not so good too, but thank you for the ones who appreciate my work. Will really try to add more items in the shops:)
Anyway, here's my red nest in a treasury by kriture who does lovely clay figurines and is located in Portugal!

And, here is what is keeping busy on most days:)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Huge Surprise:)

I have been really busy and in a way, these little ones were a 'HUGE' surprise. I was cleaning my tank when i saw these little ones hiding near the filter and the plants, so i separtated them and here they are in a bowl, THere are 10 of them (now , I am left with 5 :( ) and i hope these will be strong ones. I am not really sure what fish tjey are, as i had only tetras which are egg layers and would be extremely hard to replicate breeding environment in tanks, so my guess is that they are the mollies which i bought a fortnight ago. However, if these fry hope to rejoin papa and mama, sadly, this is not possilble, as they mollies mysteriously died, one after another..

These video was taken with my HTC phone:)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What takes me around

New Picture (1)
New Picture (1),
originally uploaded by natureautumn.
Yeah, my first baby, striking red, you cant miss it, has been bringing me around for 2 months already:) I love the MANUAL feel to it, and I am glad we bought it, really trains up my manual skills to ensure i don leave it with the Teachers at BBDC.

However, might have to part with this starlet in March, as it was really just a temporary measure to hone my manual skills:)

Muacks, love this car!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Treasuries of Blue and Pink

A treasury featuring a necklace made with Adeline's clay beads

and another of featuring a sweet pink dove:) in the AnAngelAtMyTableAnAngelAtMyTable at

Treasury at

Friday, May 22, 2009

An Achievement

We are back from our holiday, broke :> but it was a super super trip and we drove from perth all the way to Albany so you could say we really went DOWN UNDER..

Came back to more items to send out and I am happy that the shop is now at 500 with not much advertisement and not a 24 hour thing of me constantly listing and selling, I must say I am really more than glad to have made it thus far...

Work will be busy and that means lesser times for etsy but still service will be top:)

So stay tuned, and I will be happy to share our itenary with you....lots of photos to load up..after I have edited them of course~~<:

Thursday, May 14, 2009


We are off to the land of DOWN UNDER , together with another family , to the western part of Australia in PERTH...for a time of great fun and relaxation and enjoying the great outdoors. This will be a budget trip and we are travelling on budget air too:)

The weather seems to fluctuate between highs of 23 degrees to as low as 8 degrees in the night, so when it comes to clothing, I really don't know what I should wear...
Brought a couple of tees for the day and a few long sleeves for the night and a jacket to keep the wind out , hoping that is enough...really like to travel light if I can...
Till I am back , with more to share with you:)

Back on May 22

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Driving not for Pleasure but Pressure

I finally passed my Test and Am now officially part of the motoring community. April 16 was the date i passed and to date, i have driven about 6 times on my own in the family Toyota corona, a really nice car to drive.

However i have also realised that driving is not as fun as i thought it would be and a major change is learning how to park properly and having to put up with stares and even BEEPS and HONKS.

For those who have taken driving lessons at a school, one soon realises that there are NO poles to guide you and all that you learn at the school for parking is NOT Applicable at all.
So my hubby taught me how to angle the car at 45* and reverse in; seeing how easily he does it makes me soo envious...

Another thing is learning to really not overestimate your speed.
Several days ago, i had arranged to meet a friend at the eastern part of singapore and from work, I planned to reach there in an hour , and thought it should be enough, but my unfamilarity with roads and of course PARKING ,led to me MISSING the appt with my friend and I realy felt so bad about it. I had envisioned us catching up over a cup of aromatic coffee but instead, I had to travel admist jams and looking for the ENTRANCE to the carparl took me almost 15 mins as i had to circle round , and round (not exagerration)!!!

Hopefully, after a couple more times on the roads, i will be less afraid of overtaking when there is a need to and knowing the right exit to turn out and finally , truly using the car as a means of transportation to get to places faster than PUBLIC transport (seems alittle distant to think of that:)

I take about 45mins to get to work (including parking) and that is about the same time i take when i use the public transport ....

What made it worse is that I had an accident the next day, on my way to work. My car banged against a huge car and caused tiny scratches to appear on the right side of the other party's car. Being a really new driver, i did not even know i had banged into the car accidentally while changing lanes. My poor judegement of the width of the car is something i really need to work on...
Luckily, the car's repairs were minor and the damage - SGD 120 which i glady retruned my hubby ....though he said it was ok (so sweet) lesson learnt- No pain No gain?

I was really stunned and seriously , i think i went pale for a moment, and it did not help when the other party said " you just got your licence, can get it revoked...."
Really? Over a few scratches? Within me, my heart beat and beat even faster....
but the reassuring tone of hubby over the phone put me at ease:
In his words: he is kinda of prepared for some of these things to happen....part of the process , he says

Hopefully, i don over do it until his patience runs out:)

So for now, it is still driving for pressure rather than pleasure...but I WILL get there:)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bye Bye Chewy

originally uploaded by natureautumn.
Our or rather my husband's Companion of 12 years just passed away on Friday Nite, .
We received a call from my father in law and by the time we arrived at the house, my mother in law was in tears,
He was a really great dog, granted he was not toilet trained, and would pee everywhere when his bladder fails, but other than that, he was the SWEETEST , Loveliest and gentlest dog I have ever know in the few years that we are together, I can understand how this Itallian Greyhound has such a special place in his heart, and mine too.

GOOD Bye Chewy,

we are all gonna miss you...

Monday, February 23, 2009

Etsy Front Page 08-01-2008 StudioElan

Oh my Oh My , I did not even know I made it to the FRONT PAGE of etsy last year in Augist...I found out about this only quite by accident in the forums while responding to a thread that led me to this flickr group and hence this screen shot:)

YAY, i am happy....

The third row last item from the left is the earlier version I had of a nest egg. with pink coral beads:)


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My latest and my favourite

US 14 (SGD 21)
Lovely polymer clay earrings in the store, clay lentils made by Adeline. and I think the ring matches well:)

USD 7.30 (SGD 11)

Like them?Get them at the store.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I love it when people like my things:)

Thank you for the feature on your blog. A really colourful display of handmade items.
Do check out her store for interesting solder work, this really makes me think of HOME:)
Priced at USD 22 . Found in her shop here .

Some time ago, sassalynne also featured my yummy strawberry button necklace on her blog here . Do check out her shop too for lovely yarn.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

the mrbrown show: Singapore Flyer, the Movie

the mrbrown show: Singapore Flyer, the Movie

Have a good laugh:)

For non locals, Mr Brown is kinda of a local celebrity with his quirkiness and his twist on local events and news.

The Singapore Flyer was launched last year but it has had several mishaps, and thus this rendition would be easily identified by most Locals.

For ease of understanding: translation
the word "Pang Jiao" in the excerpt is translated to mean er URINE..

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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Have you seen this in my Shop?

Newly listed Bracelets, made some changes to them, so they dangle with different charms USD 9 to 11 SGD 15-18

If you like , buy them here or email me:)

Or have you seen these new necklaces? The birdhouse is one my current favourites, and I would hate to part with it:)

BIRDHOUSE is USD 20 (SGD 30) I LOVE YOu USD 15 (SGD 22) Valentine Circle USD 11 (SGD 16.5)

Or how about this one that has already SOLD?:)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Do we have a Heart?

I happened to be browsing pages and this came to my attention. It really makes me sad to see them sent back with so little. They put all their hope in 'us' and returned home 'empty'. It is such a irresponsible act that certainly strucks a chord in us.
You can read about the article here.

Did you see the look in their eyes?
Can you feel the sadness in their heart?
They wanted a life,
Sold everything to be here.
Did they utter their silent cries?
Can we bear to keep our mouths shut?
Surely they should be given more
Before they return home.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Inspired Necklaces

Just listed on etsy.

This is an Anna Sui Inspired necklace with actual mirrors on both sides.

USD 20 / SGD 30 .

Pirates of the Carribean Inspired Treasure Chest necklace.

USD 18/ SGD 27
Buy them in the store.

store or email me.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

YAY, on the way to a DRIVING LICENCE and some updates on the LOCAL HOMEFRONT

Image from here.
YAY...I passed my Advanced theory on Jan 23 and I have been trying to get a good date for the TP, but it seems that every sane person is also looking at the monitor screen, refreshing daily to get a good timing...

I thought i would be lucky enough to get the MARCH 31 date, but guess what? The date was already taken in the span of 24 hours..cant believe that !!! Well, next timing I am looking at would have to be 1 week from then, on April 7th..It does not coincide with 1st or 15th of the Chinese calendar month right? I don't have a Lunar Calendar so I am not too sure about that.

I am deciding between 10 or 1045am at BBDC, not sure which one is better. Any one who has taken their test at BBDC with ideas to share? Any input would be much appreciated:)

Also, some of our products can NOW be found at Charis Asher at Suntec City , Level 2 , tower 5. Limited period of 3 months and then we will decide how it goes. As it is, the 2 online stores and 1 bead store is keeping me busy enough:)
Swarovski pearls with Swarovski crystal makes this an attractive pendant.
Comes with chain SGD 28
Swarovski Coral style pendant with Fresh water pearl (SGD 22 to SGD 28)
But, there are several designs at the charis asher store which cannot be found online yet.
Bag charm with pink imported scooter charm with polymner clay flower and faux pax beads. SGD 11-12

So do drop in and support local handmade, if you can.

Charis Asher also does locall y designed LAPTOP bags for women , and I am eyeing on several of their bags. I can't wait for the day I can carry my laptop in practical You can also read more about their products on their blog.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More Features and something for the Chinese New Year

It is rare for my other shop, to receive some publicity and I am really happy to see it featured in LaAlicia's treasury some time ago. Granted that it took some time, since I am really not so adept with this cut and paste thing:)
These fire cracker earrings are still avavilable in the other shop and they are perfect the new year , don't you think?

Carnelias agate tubes matched with Blue swarovski crystal on goldfill material, hence the price. GOldfill is NOT goldplated, IT IS a much higher grade. In short, it means that the material inside has at least 1/20 pure gold in it.
SGD 26.00 / USD 16.50 (Inclusive of local postage)
Please email me at if you would like to purchase it.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Some new things at PS

I made these cute ponytail holders (in Spore, common name, rubberbands) with fabric covered buttons using imported fabric from Japan. They come in a pair and are the elastic is comfy to have on. Not too tight, like some of those you see in the shops.

Most come in similar pairs with a few in matching coordinates.
They are a steal at SGD 5.90. And Kuchikuu is having a sale, buy any 2 products in the shop and enjoy 10% off the items (at least that is what I be sure, check out the store at B1 plaza Singapura, OPP Macs)

I could not resist...

It is not often that I shop leisurely. I would usually shop for the best prices and the best deals if I can ...and I have been a fan of MOMLUVDIV for several weeks now.
Her products can be found at PLAZA SINGAPURA and I first knew about her through the Sheryn, the boss there.

Then, it became a journey into her shop, looking through the aesthically pleasing and practical sweeties in her shop.

At any given one time, one might think it would be too cute for a person like me, ( I am not that young, but not that old):) and I hesitated countless times . "Should I or should I not?"

That changed..upon seeing the actual product on hand, I can only concur with so many of her fans, that the workmanship is superb.
So what did I buy?:)
I could not find a pic of the actual phone pouch I bought, but it is in this fabric.
TWINSTAR: something I grew up with, a long long time ago...

I also bought this book cover, which is really practical and there is no wastage.
Once I have finished using the notepad within, I can slot in my fav book and protect it from the hard knocks while reading it on buses and trains... and the bonus, a small compartment at the front for pens and tissue.

Do check out her store which I sum up : Ultra Cute yet practical:)

Check out the Key pouch in her store too...

Friday, January 16, 2009

Thank you for the feature and More Updates~~`

I went for driving lessons today and I passed 2 subjects so i am now at 3.2. Enjoying lessons every bit and I must admit, I did cramp in a lot during the dec break. Considering that I started 2nd week of dec, and I am now at this stage, I guess you can imagine how many lessons I went a week, right?

Why the hurry"?...cos I would really love to pass and drive myself to work...and also...
Legs are sore from doing the half clutch through S

But I feel so much better knowing that my bird nest found its way to a treasury:)
Thank you so much, KerriSlade, do visit her store for some fabulous finds and treasures....and her beaded earrings are gorgeous...