Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Driving not for Pleasure but Pressure

I finally passed my Test and Am now officially part of the motoring community. April 16 was the date i passed and to date, i have driven about 6 times on my own in the family Toyota corona, a really nice car to drive.

However i have also realised that driving is not as fun as i thought it would be and a major change is learning how to park properly and having to put up with stares and even BEEPS and HONKS.

For those who have taken driving lessons at a school, one soon realises that there are NO poles to guide you and all that you learn at the school for parking is NOT Applicable at all.
So my hubby taught me how to angle the car at 45* and reverse in; seeing how easily he does it makes me soo envious...

Another thing is learning to really not overestimate your speed.
Several days ago, i had arranged to meet a friend at the eastern part of singapore and from work, I planned to reach there in an hour , and thought it should be enough, but my unfamilarity with roads and of course PARKING ,led to me MISSING the appt with my friend and I realy felt so bad about it. I had envisioned us catching up over a cup of aromatic coffee but instead, I had to travel admist jams and looking for the ENTRANCE to the carparl took me almost 15 mins as i had to circle round , and round (not exagerration)!!!

Hopefully, after a couple more times on the roads, i will be less afraid of overtaking when there is a need to and knowing the right exit to turn out and finally , truly using the car as a means of transportation to get to places faster than PUBLIC transport (seems alittle distant to think of that:)

I take about 45mins to get to work (including parking) and that is about the same time i take when i use the public transport ....

What made it worse is that I had an accident the next day, on my way to work. My car banged against a huge car and caused tiny scratches to appear on the right side of the other party's car. Being a really new driver, i did not even know i had banged into the car accidentally while changing lanes. My poor judegement of the width of the car is something i really need to work on...
Luckily, the car's repairs were minor and the damage - SGD 120 which i glady retruned my hubby ....though he said it was ok (so sweet) ...as lesson learnt- No pain No gain?

I was really stunned and seriously , i think i went pale for a moment, and it did not help when the other party said " you just got your licence, can get it revoked...."
Really? Over a few scratches? Within me, my heart beat and beat even faster....
but the reassuring tone of hubby over the phone put me at ease:
In his words: he is kinda of prepared for some of these things to happen....part of the process , he says

Hopefully, i don over do it until his patience runs out:)

So for now, it is still driving for pressure rather than pleasure...but I WILL get there:)

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