Saturday, January 17, 2009

I could not resist...

It is not often that I shop leisurely. I would usually shop for the best prices and the best deals if I can ...and I have been a fan of MOMLUVDIV for several weeks now.
Her products can be found at PLAZA SINGAPURA and I first knew about her through the Sheryn, the boss there.

Then, it became a journey into her shop, looking through the aesthically pleasing and practical sweeties in her shop.

At any given one time, one might think it would be too cute for a person like me, ( I am not that young, but not that old):) and I hesitated countless times . "Should I or should I not?"

That changed..upon seeing the actual product on hand, I can only concur with so many of her fans, that the workmanship is superb.
So what did I buy?:)
I could not find a pic of the actual phone pouch I bought, but it is in this fabric.
TWINSTAR: something I grew up with, a long long time ago...

I also bought this book cover, which is really practical and there is no wastage.
Once I have finished using the notepad within, I can slot in my fav book and protect it from the hard knocks while reading it on buses and trains... and the bonus, a small compartment at the front for pens and tissue.

Do check out her store which I sum up : Ultra Cute yet practical:)

Check out the Key pouch in her store too...

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