Sunday, February 1, 2009

YAY, on the way to a DRIVING LICENCE and some updates on the LOCAL HOMEFRONT

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YAY...I passed my Advanced theory on Jan 23 and I have been trying to get a good date for the TP, but it seems that every sane person is also looking at the monitor screen, refreshing daily to get a good timing...

I thought i would be lucky enough to get the MARCH 31 date, but guess what? The date was already taken in the span of 24 hours..cant believe that !!! Well, next timing I am looking at would have to be 1 week from then, on April 7th..It does not coincide with 1st or 15th of the Chinese calendar month right? I don't have a Lunar Calendar so I am not too sure about that.

I am deciding between 10 or 1045am at BBDC, not sure which one is better. Any one who has taken their test at BBDC with ideas to share? Any input would be much appreciated:)

Also, some of our products can NOW be found at Charis Asher at Suntec City , Level 2 , tower 5. Limited period of 3 months and then we will decide how it goes. As it is, the 2 online stores and 1 bead store is keeping me busy enough:)
Swarovski pearls with Swarovski crystal makes this an attractive pendant.
Comes with chain SGD 28
Swarovski Coral style pendant with Fresh water pearl (SGD 22 to SGD 28)
But, there are several designs at the charis asher store which cannot be found online yet.
Bag charm with pink imported scooter charm with polymner clay flower and faux pax beads. SGD 11-12

So do drop in and support local handmade, if you can.

Charis Asher also does locall y designed LAPTOP bags for women , and I am eyeing on several of their bags. I can't wait for the day I can carry my laptop in practical You can also read more about their products on their blog.

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