Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Huge Surprise:)

I have been really busy and in a way, these little ones were a 'HUGE' surprise. I was cleaning my tank when i saw these little ones hiding near the filter and the plants, so i separtated them and here they are in a bowl, THere are 10 of them (now , I am left with 5 :( ) and i hope these will be strong ones. I am not really sure what fish tjey are, as i had only tetras which are egg layers and would be extremely hard to replicate breeding environment in tanks, so my guess is that they are the mollies which i bought a fortnight ago. However, if these fry hope to rejoin papa and mama, sadly, this is not possilble, as they mollies mysteriously died, one after another..

These video was taken with my HTC phone:)

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DeeCee said...

Arn't mollies usually black? It has been many years since I've been aroung a fish tank. Hope these little guys make it. They look healthy enough.