Thursday, June 7, 2007

My Dilemma-Help Solve

As a follow up to the earlier article, please help me on this:)

Tell me what I should do now?
I had this idea of making my jewelry more cost effective by toying with the idea of combining 2 necklaces into 1, and just before I can do it, I reminded myself to ensure no one else has this idea, I have treaded on dangerous waters inintetionally...
To my horror, and sadness, someone else has done something similar, problem is I thought of that in my head, but now, after looking at the web, I seemed to have to stop myself from doing that.., Is this fair to me?
I feel constrained...
So tell me, what would you do?I would really like to know..cos i am stuck!:(
I am prepared that not everyone woudl agree with my points but my intention is not to hurt anyone but give my humble 2 cents worth:)

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ADELINE said...

Dear Autumn, as long as your conscience is clear then do not let this issue kill your creativity. Let's all relax & do whatever we want to do as this is our outlet for creativity. Possibilities are endless & great minds do think alike! If you are confident that what you have created was your idea and not something you spoof from someone else, then stand by it. :)