Friday, July 6, 2007

My PMC class Update 1

I am soooo excited, I went for my first Precious Metal Clay class today after work and yes, I am tired...but the class rreally made my day. PMC is basically almost 100% silver as we the end product is 99.9% silver.
The cost of the materials is very expensive but it was really worth it as I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I decided to take it up as I have so many ideas that I want to see in silver. And the good thing about silver is that it is not as expensive as gold but it is a precious metal. People with allergies like me, can wear it without fear:)

Having started beading and crafting since 11 years ago, I started picking this self-taught craft after a 4 year break, I am discovering new direction and new passion. I like the fact that PMC allows for so much creativity.

The is the first craft course I am taking and it is tailored to suit my timing and hopefully when i complete the exam, I will be a certified trainer.

I made a pendant and a ring today. The ring was the hardest as it is not easy to handfashion it, all the way. No moulds, nothing.

I cannot wait to fire it and buff it up and show you pics. If i go for my next lession soon, it wont be long before i put it up:)

Stay tuned and do wish me luck:)


Lis Tan-Chaong - 陳 俐 杏 said...

Wonderful! Continue to have fun!

ADELINE said...

Wow great! Tell us more soon!