Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sodalite Triangle Ring Sterling Silver

S$17.00 / USD$10.90 Sterling Silver 925 Wire
or S$12.00/USD $7.50 NonTarnish Wire

I love rings and these are really comfortable. Wired on sterling silver and sodalite gemstone beads.

3 sodalite gemstone beads are the focal for this sterling silver ring all handwired with love.

Available sizes US 6,7,8

Customisation in other sizes available.

Drop me an email to let me know what measurement you need it in and I can customise it for you.

You can check your ring size on this web page.

If you want it in non tarnish wire instead of 925 silver, the cost will be cheaper.

Email natureautumn@yahoo.com or buy it here.

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