Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Update and Newest

Find out why they are called a family here, Square Nest pendant Family

Ok I confess, I have not been to my PMC class recently. Will try to do so this week. Have been swarmed at work and also with orders from friends and colleagues, which isnt a bad thing:)

Have also purchase more gemstones and goldfilled for making pretties for myself and frds who like me prefer to reduce the sensitivities to our precious ears:)

I did however find time to wire this nest pendant. The shape is in a square cos I don really take rounds too well on my neck and also because it was inspired by Kathryn Galbraith who wrote a feature on how to do the bird nest ring and earrings. The article was bery precise and I have merely taken the technique and incorporated it to this design. I love doing these. It is so addictive:) albeith very timeconsuming as each wire is painstakingly weaved in. I also realised that it is alot harder to do squared then round and it uses up alot more wire. There are more areas to cover. When it is round, the wire crosses and flows more smoothly against each other, kinda of like naturally.You can find it here.

This has been made with nontarnish wire. The pearls are the central focus of the pendant which in time to come, I hope to add other gems to it. Hope u like it as much as I do:)

I wired a larger one with aquamarine and turqoise gems">
Other stuff I made

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