Monday, July 2, 2007

Updates and testimonials

Just let me bask in this short moment of joy at the thought that my customers like my work:
Some examples of the feedback left behind. Nothing fabricated, dun believe me, then check here for more.

From Big Blue Eyes
...received the earrings today!....very nice....there was even a surprise in my package!!!!!....great seller....good service!!!!

From Beesrcool
This is a very beautiful piece. Thank you for allowing me to enjoy your work!

From EdithKeelerMustDie
This is such a beautiful item ... I will definitely shop again!

From Davida
This seller was great. She kept checking in with me to make sure I got the items and made extra efforts to try to get the items I bought to me in time for mother's day.

From Tanamore

From melaniesOriginals
I totally love these, usps was a pain but they got to me in one piece, yay for chilli peppers love love love them, thanks soo much

Thank you all of you for having made my day...

Hee hee, I had my first repeat customer on etsy and I am so happy. It's one thing to have new customers but realy great to service previous ones. This buyer was 'silent' one durign the first buy as there was not much chance to communicate with her so when she just dropped by to purchase another 2 items, I was ecstatic. Afterall, it means that someone appreciates and values your work enough to want to buy from you :) and in the world of etsy and jewelry, there is a lot of competition, so that give me encouragement to move on.

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