Monday, August 6, 2007

FireCrackers on My Ears

S$29.90 /USD $19.90 (Gold Filled)
S$15.90 / USD $10.60 (Gold Tone Earrings)

Please email to own this. Also sold here.

I absolutely love this pair of earrings. Searched for this uniquely shaped Carnelian longish beads for a really long time. THey are each about 2mm round in perimetre and 8mm in lenght. Not huge. 3 Carnelia beads complemented by Dark Blue Swarovski Crystals. They are unusual as they look lik firecrackers because of the shape of the beads. Look at the other pics to get an idea of what I mean:)

Firecrackers are what the Asians in some countries light up during their CHinese New Year.I love these approx 1 1/2" pair. All findings are goldfilled.

***Gorgeous pair. Unique.

***Goldfill=20% of the item has genuine 14k gold. It is much better than goldplated and most suitable for allergies.

***You can also request to change the ear wire to goldplated (better lasting colour) at No Extra Cost

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