Friday, September 7, 2007

Rag and Bone Necklace

SGD 18.00 / USD 12.00
Email ot buy it here.

Okie, dun worry, its a brand new necklce with lovely colourful polka dot plastic beads and links, with a "delicious" 2" greyish white bone focal bead. If you are looking for the cool and hip factor in a necklace, this is it.

Stand out from the crowd,be different and OOAK!THe part of the necklace with the lovely beads measures about 8" one side and is glued to a suede leather cord (not real leather) which you can fasten at any length you wish with a knot.

Can go to a maximum of 15" one side or wear it shorter almost like a choker at 8 1/2" one side:)Perfect for those days when you need something really cute to perk you up.

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