Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I was on the Etsy GiftGuides

Wow, this month seems to be full of surprises...another etsyian, ShaynaMaidel told me that I was in the etsy gift guides and I was elated.Shayna is a wonderful seller and she makes great lip balms. I ordered this from her before and they are reallly good and they feel so organic and fresh...because they are:)
Having been on etsy for almost a year, this is my first time(at least from what I know) being in the gift guides.
The gift guides are chosen by Etsy Admins, and they select suitable items based on the gift guide category and my items were selected for the TEEN category:)

It is such an encouragement~~er..but the bad news is that, the two items were sold within 2 days, so by the time I tell you about them now, I am no longer in the GG, but I managed to get a snap shot of it.

By the way, you can purchase the similar vintage style dove necklaces in my shop.

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