Friday, February 15, 2008

My Bird Nest Necklace

Yes, I have been away for far too long and neglected this blog for too long. Work and family demands and with the CHinese New Year, I have been away to Hongkong for a short break and all.

The weather was cool and I have also been busy with writing.Yes, Writing is one of my hobbies too:) Trying to finish a little novel by the end of the year, if I can.

Oops, I digressed from the issue at hand. Some good news, is that I have been approached by an overseas store to consign my items abroad, but I am still in the midst of making a decision.

Another thing is that I am really glad with the reviews I had so far with

My version of the BIRD NEST NEckLace

There are no more in the store at the moment and I will most likely whip up a few more soon with pearls and all. I have other types of nests in the shop too.

I probably mentioned it the previous time I did up the square nest pendant, that inspiration came from a magazine article by Karen Galbraith. I have been searching for her website but there does not seem to be any, to thank her for her article.

And, I have even discovered that there are even tutorials that online on how to do up the bird nest ring and necklace. I guess the craze for nest jewelry must be rather strong to warrant such attention.
I did a search for nest necklaces on etsy and I have whipped out some great links for you:
Jewelry is subjective, not everyone shares the same taste:)
So, you may see some other forms of nest jewelry that would interest you and support some etsyians with handmade stuff too:)
Do check these nest jewelry out---
1. - Adorn has great combination of colours
5. - a great twist with an option to add a stamped name:)
6. - If you wish it on a ball chain, this one has it
7. = I like the wire netting on these, has a crocheted feel to it.
So you see, there is that nesting instinct in all of us~~~Viola~~ till next time:)

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Handcrafted by Adeline said...

Gosh I didn't realise there are so many versions to this design... its magnaminous of you to mention the other sellers in your blog. *pat on shoulder* =D Anyway, good job!