Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My latest Foray and Designs

Yet another foray into the crafty - every once in a while, I get a little bored doing the same thing and I tried something new...

Fabric covered button necklaces with really cute designs and they are so affordable... owls are my fav still:)

Go to the etsy site on the right to view even more.

My truly Bird Nests are gradually taking off and one was even a local buyer which I am soo glad..always great to have someone from this little red dot:)

I have been so busy with work and other priorities, and truly i don want this crafting adventure to become a burden so really I craft when I want , not because I need to:)

Hope you like the nest pendants - I love the clay beads Ade made for me, and they way they combine wiht the wire is just PerFect...cant wait to sell at least 30 - which are at a special discounted rate.

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