Saturday, June 28, 2008


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Wire has never quite gotten me bored with it. After so many years, it is still my favourite medium and the wiring 'outburst' comes rather unexpectedly.

One afternoon, I had the concept and the urge to do up one Pendant and it ended up with 4 new designs, 4 new pendants, and they are all sold on my Etsy Shop.

This is the last piece - all the rest have found new homes:)

I hope this goes to a lovely owner too; it's fit for a princess:)

A necklace fit for a princess. The green and purple lentil polymer clay bead is so mesmerising and you can drfit off to fairy tale land with this.

Purple acrylic beads and 2 green Swaroski crystals complement the piece.

This is an OOAk pendant =one of a kind, ONLY one as it is not possible to wire it exactly the same ever.

Wired using tarnish resistant silver jeweller wire.

Pendant is about 2" as seen in the pictures.
Strung on a Free 19" silver plated chain. (Length can be shortened upon request)

Please see more pics of it here.

USD 13.00 SGD 19.00

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