Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Bird Nest Ring Tutorial Featured Seller Gypsy Woman Caravan

Pictures shared with permission given by Cheryl of Gypsy Woman Caravan
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I love tutorials and with the advancement of the U tube, many excellent tutorials are posted there.

As I promised earlier this week, I would like to share with you a great tutorial which I have found.

Cheryl of GypsyWomanCaravan has a really superb tutorial on how to wire a bird nest ring.

I am not able to paste the images of ALL her lovely work here, but please check out her page and see the wonderful nest rings she has and the intricate wire sculptured pendants she has too.

Ha ha..if you thought it was me posting the tutorial, you are wrong...not me..

I chanced upon her tutorial page quite by accident last year. I was a newbie in a forum and I remember that Cheryl was giving out really useful advice about wiring and jewelry making.
Both inspired and curious about her, I paid a visit to her web page and once I saw her tutorial, I bought that price, it was a steal...

I could finally get my own ring done:)

Her instructions are clear and concise and detailed with pics and it makes wiring look so easy.

While I typically do not feature jewelry artists here, I truly believe her ring tutorials are an invaluable contribution to the crafting world.

Thank you Cheryl, for such a well written tutorial.

Her tutorial will give you many hours of fun and I think it is an excellent way to spend an afternoon with budding beading buddies.

So now, my dear customers, for those who have asked me ever so often to wire a ring for you, I cannot do so, but I would recommend that you approach her and I am sure she will gladly wire you her very own copyrighted Bird Nest Ring.

Thank you Cheryl for allowing me this opportunity to share your excellent work to the community.


En Qi said...

Thank you, will check it out.

Tricia said...

Her rings are lovely...thank you for the link to her store.

kim* said...

it reminds me of that ring on Selina the movie. haha. its cute i saw it roaming etsy before too.

Lily said...

Great blog, thank you so much for sharing that information!