Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Up Close and Personal with RedHeadDivaPaper - Featured Etsy Seller (3)

Oo:> Just by the sound of the name, one could never guess what creativity lies behind the soul of this RedHead... (er..actually I am not sure if she is one by the way..)
LOl..I just found out - She really is one~~~How cool is that~~~)

I am completely blown away by the stunning array of logos,cards and stickers in the shop which opened its doors only this July 2008, and already she has made excellent progress.

The owner started out as a graphic designer for 15 years and recently moved into a different role which does not require her to do any design work.

But, fortunately for the etsy community, designing is in the blood and stickers became a source for her creative energy:>

To be frank, this set of stickers really caught my attention - it would complement my shop perfectly, don't you think so?
No success is comes overnight and for many, endurance is the key. Fortunately for RedHeadDivaPaper, a supporting loved one is the essential ingredient:>

Were there any initial difficulties in your craft that you overcame?

Orders came in a little more quickly than I had anticipated. I originally printed and hand-punched the stickers. When I started taken 5+ orders a night of 50+ stickers that got old real quick. My wonderful husband helped me find a supplier of blank stickers by the sheet. Thank god! My poor punch wasn't going to make it!

How did you find out about etsy?

Oddly enough my mother (netheadred.etsy.com) turned me on to it. I had never heard of it until she mentioned it. She is an avid knitter and listens to a lot of podcasts and I guess one of the ladies had a shop. The rest was history.

What is the single most common comment you get from your customers?

"Wow! That was fast!"

RedHeadDivaPaper ignites the desire to shop her store with the attractive designs and colourful display of graphics. Green and brown, black and white, red and white,blue against brown, the list goes on...I sure feel like a diva stepping into her shop and I know my customers would do, as her stickers and cards are the perfect complement to a fantastic online shopping experience.

And even if you don't have a shop, these tags would be perfect for your kids too:>

Don't take my word for it - check out her store today~~~ redheaddivapaper.etsy.com

~Stay tuned~~ For a special Giveaway by RedHeadDivapaper.etsy.com~

Thank you RedHeadDivaPaper for allowing us to feature you...wishing you all the succes...
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Handcrafted by Adeline said...

wow!! The stickers are really nice. Love the birdie one!!