Thursday, November 27, 2008

New banner up soon

I finally got a new logo and banner from She is a wonderfully talented artist and she really draws very well and is soo patient with me.

More about her super abilities later on...just a note to fans in Singapore,

You can find some of my items at Plaza Singapura B1 at a little kiosk infront of Macdonald's

I have not stocked up on that many items there , as orders online are enough to swarm me, but I am not complaining...keep them coming and thank you for your support..

I wanted to recount an incident the other day but I never got down to writing it..

Imagine a rainy day and a lady almost drenched holding on to 2 parcels (packing materials) and a wet umbrella.
She strolls into Cold Storage, buys a big pack of broadbean nuts, a large CLIP LOCK container.The nut snack, she intends to munch on while waiting for a taxi. She goes to the cashier , pays and asks for an extra plastic bag after payment. The cashier puts everything together ; both nuts and plastic box. The lady asks for an extra plastic bag for her wet umbrella and also to wrap the nuts in so that they won't be crushed by the box. The cashier simply says " All the same, can put together. You want plastic bag, pay for it," and points at the 'Donation' Box in front of her.

The next customer turns down the offer of an extra plastic bag after the cashier bags her jam into one.The cashier beams.

The lady decides she can't understand the rationale of this, so she walks away, still with that wet umbrella of hers in her hand.

She strolls into Guardian and gets the extra plastic bag she needs from a super kind sales assistant there.

THat lady, is ME.

I cannot understand the rationale of the episode. While I applaud efforts to save the earth by going green, 2 things puzzle me here.
1. I do not travel ard by car and I really needed that extra plastic bag to keep myself from being drenched by my own umbrella.
2. I would have (I did) recycled the plastic bag , had it been given to me, so there would have been no wastage.

3. I am TOLD to PAY for the extra plastic bag, not DONATE...

Regulations are necessary to keep order and systems in place. However, I believe humans should be flexible, we are allowed to think, to gauge the importance of a situation etc, and we should not be given to mere rountine and systems.

Hm..I am more than half way through my HUGE packet of nuts already:)

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