Monday, November 10, 2008

New Line of Items

I have been really MIA and close friends go "Hey when are u gonna show your face again?"
Truth is, I have been really really busy these months, with short trips overseas and a major change - shifting~~~

It is probably the next most stressful thing, next to wedding and change of job. From getting the rt furniture to the rt look, to the rt contractor etc, all these are hands on and they are TIME CONSUMIMG~~ Phew, finally things are much more settled now and the new house is looking alot better and my kitchen is FINALLY up (We slept without HOT water for 2 weeks and admist lots of dust as the kitchen was NOT up YET)

Tomorrow, minor touch ups here and there and I can happily say we are 99% done. And I can get on to my business.

In these 2 months, lots of knowledge was gained, and given time, i could probably write about how many different sinks we looked at, just to find the perfect one.

Why so much effort just for ONE sink, some may ask? It wasn't about the PRICE, Not because of the Brand, And certainly Not because we had nothing to do:)
A sink is a small item but just think how often you use it. If you cook, then you might actually realise you use it even more often than the dryer or the TV.

I guess the most basic thing in the kitchen might seem the most insignificant and it gets missed out at times.Our sink in the previous house served us for a good 4 years and I must say I felt a tinge of pride when the new owner remarked how well kept the kitchen was:)

I could share so much more but one thing is for certain, stay tuned to see what else comes this way and it would be ALOT ALOT easier to get my pretties locally in the coming weeks...why?

You shall soon find out:)

PS, and what is up with the strange column on the left? Hm.. it was a genuine attempt to have a 3 column blog which of course has been pushed aside until now, and I am not sure when it would be a 3 column blog but I am crossing my fingers and hoping it is soon too:)



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